What is DJR Music?

DJR Music is me: David Richards. I am a BBb Tubist, arranger and conductor. I am currently principal tuba and arranger for the Central Band of the Royal Air Force. I have also produced work for the Buy as you view Cory and several other top brass and wind bands, I have several educational works published by Spartan Press. Also many of my arrangements have been recorded by the Central band on recordings issued by Polyphonic Reproductions.

I have decided to see if it is possible to produce arrangements/compositions to order, as I have often found that you can never seem to find the right arrangement, orchestration or price for your individual band. I intend to produce music for any combination of wind, brass and percussion at a price no publication house could match.

The music will be computer set using Sibelius, and a Power Macintosh G4 800mhz, the score and parts will be laser printed to a professional standard. All you have to do is send me an e-mail with all the details of your requirements. Copyright permission will be obtained if and when it is necessary to do so. I will then contact you with an inclusive package price. It's as simple as that!!


  • Any combination of Instruments, the choice is yours.
  • Computer set and printed to professional standards.
  • All inclusive package price, no hidden extras.
  • Delivered direct to your door, ready to be performed.
  • Samples can be e-mailed if required.

    E-mail information required:

  • Title of Piece
  • Composer/Publisher(if known)
  • Original Media(Orchestra etc.)
  • Availability of Recording? Name of CD, Tape and production company(EMI etc.)
  • Your Instrumental requirements(Full brass band, woodwind quintet etc.)
  • Performance date and venue if known.
  • Your details: Name, Address, Telephone and Fax numbers, E-mail Address and Name of Ensemble/Group.



Should you require any further information please send me an e-mail.



If you have found this site useful drop me a line and let me know a bit about yourself!!


Woodwind and brass repair service at www.music-1.co.uk


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